Sunday, October 28, 2012

Batten down the hatches...

A hurricane is on its way, and the sun is on vacation for a few days. Perfect knitting weather! I'm still moving along on the shawlette for a magazine editorial and have gotten to the meat of it...the pretty floral lace pattern.
Love the way it's coming out. Unfortunately, my arm is still hurting a lot. I think I'd have to not do a thing (and I mean nothing) with my left arm for at least a week to get it to stop hurting. How the heck am I supposed to do that?? Frustrating...

Gray weather also inspires in the kitchen. Made a yummy, calorie-intense (:-( crusted apple fritter bread French toast, drizzled with a wee bit of pure maple syrup.
A few tips about the way I make this:
  • Use a seasoned bread like raisin bread, or cinnamon bread. I buy an "apple fritter" bread. Sorta like those others with intense swirls of cinnamon. 
  • Instead of mixing milk with the eggs, I use yogurt. Can be plain, or vanilla flavored, or even sour cream. It makes a custard type batter that really stick to the bread. 
  • Lastly, dip in crumbs before frying in a pan. I've used panko crumbs before, but today I used Corn Flakes crumbs (actually comes in a box already crushed). 

Eating this is "almost" as good as knitting.


  1. glad you came out of the frankenstorm and hope you get your power back soonest.
    love the shawl you're working! is there a name for the shawl that i could google for the pattern? i'd love to work it up for myself ... it so pretty! thanx

  2. Ah, you must be patient! I am in the process of designing this shawl and it will be published in the spring in a magazine. Will post details once it is available. :-)