Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Most days when I get to work, I have a "show-and-tell" session. I show off the project I worked on the night before. Sometimes it's to lament an idea that didn't turn out the way my imagination thought. And sometimes I whip out a still-on-the-needle project in triumph 'cause I know it's a winner! This is what this blog is about. Mostly. I may throw in other thoughts and ideas, and maybe even some mouth watering food photos. I plan to keep it short and sweet (hoping to actually post most days). I should only bite as much as I can chew, right? (Is that how the saying goes??) My French is showing... :)

This is one of my current projects (started it 2 nights ago). This is the center section of a scarf/shawlette. The next step will be to pick up stitches along the lower shaped edge and work down in a yet-to-be-determined lace pattern. The yarn used is Crock-O-Dye, in 2 colors: 535 olive (the lighter green), and a new color (will be in stock late winter) 573 sprucewood. I did several swatches before settling on this pattern. I like the way the lighter green pops in the elongated stitches.

Stay tuned...


  1. WOw the Seafoam pattern shows so nicely in this shawl. Great job

  2. Yes, and I am almost done with it, and it looks great!