Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Cheating Pie

The weather is getting colder, and as we gear up for fall knitting, we begin craving those wonderful comfort foods. Nothing like turning on the oven to take the chill out of the kitchen.

I've been craving chicken pot pie. Love chicken pot pie. And over the years, I've gone from making my own dough, peeling carrots and potatoes, roasting a whole chicken, to this much more time-saving version.

And because I cheat to get the same yummy results, I call it my "cheating pie."

I start with a ready-made pie crust.
I buy a fresh roasted chicken and de-bone it in advance.
I use a can of mixed vegetables (or frozen blend).
I use frozen cubed hash brown potatoes (these also work great in chowder!).
I make a simple white sauce (1 1/2 cup milk, one heaping tablespoon each butter and flour, season with herbs and spices to taste).
Assemble the whole thing and bake at 425° until golden brown.

Couldn't help myself and had to decorate it using the dough trimmed from around the edges.

Quick and deeeelicious. And most importantly, leaves more time for knitting!

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