Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We survived the hurricane!

It's still raining, but the wind has subsided and we've made it to the other side. I love to watch intense weather. But when it happens at night, there is nothing to see :( We did go outside and listen to the wind roar. Our house is in a hollow and it felt like the wind was high above us and not touching us too much, except for occasional gusts whipping leaves and broken branches against the house.

This morning I got to see what the aftermath looks like...drum roll, please:

Tada! I know...a bit anti-climatic. This is our pond. It overflowed. That's about it.

It reminded me of the earthquake we experienced 2 weeks ago. That was super exciting. The earth really doesn't move in Maine, and on that Tuesday night, I heard 2 loud booms and the whole house moved. Everyone, including me, thought their furnace blew up.

And this is what the aftermath of that looked like:

Last night, we lost power at exactly the time the local news were listing the power outages on television. Great timing, As of this morning, we are still in the dark at home. I am writing this from the office. No day off for me.

I didn't do any knitting last night. I know I could have using my baseball cap with the built in lights in the bill. But I exercised considerable restraint. Figured it would be good for my arm to give it a rest for one night. I did however think about a new design using 2 colors of Ty-Dy Wool.

It's Desert Camo (on left) and Chili Mocha. When I select multicolor yarns  to use together, I often look for a common color, brown in this case. That ties them together. I am thinking about some type of shawl/scarf/cowl design. I have a faint idea of shape in my mind, and will try something tonight. Even if the power is still out...

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  1. Helene, are there patterns for the sweater backs seen at the annual sale in Windham? Have been on a search since I saw them...should have purchased one of them. They are like half a sweater, back and flat sleeve to tie in front.

    Lilybayhouse@gmail.com. Lynn