Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back From California...to 3 feet of snow...NOOOO!!!

Darn those ipad apps. They promise you everything, and some fail miserably. That is the case of the Blogger app I installed before I left. Yes, it allowed me to write a post while I was away. And no, it didn't work at all when it came to adding photos. And what is a blog without photos. Do you really just want to read my ramblings without a colorful pause here and there? Nope. Didn't think so.

Like this beautiful sunset that played out for us in late afternoon.
Postcard perfect! And here is the pier right across the street from where we stayed...
And this is what it looked like back home in Maine while we were sticking our toes in the warm sand...
This cute couple got married in all the whiteness snow affords (30+ inches of it). Such a pretty photo, I had to share. The lighthouse in the background is located on the campus of Southern Maine Community College. It is a beautiful setting (even in winter!), right on the ocean on the shores of Casco Bay, in South Portland, Maine.

I did a photoshoot there last year. Here is the very same lighthouse, minus the white stuff.
Yes, I promise, spring and summer are on the way, and this tank will tempt your needles. I call it the "Sea Lavender Tank" (pat #1908) and it is worked in Nautika, a silky (but very affordable) microfiber blend that knits up quickly on size 8 (5mm) needles. It would be cute too worn over a tee :).

We've been uploading patterns in the Ravelry store for immediate download (don't we just LOVE instant gratification!) You can download it yourself, or you can ask your favorite store owner to do it for you through the Ravelry "in-store sales" program.

You can click to download the pattern.

Since my knitting world is always topsy-turvy, I am currently working on our fall/winter designs. I have a few ready to go...and will post some previews here as soon as the patterns are done :)

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